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Q: The Bike Floss is stated as reusable – how do you clean it and how many times can each stick be used?

A: When soiled the Floss can be wiped with a rag soaked in either Cleaner and Degreaser or white spirit to remove debris. Discoloration will obviously occur but the abrasive quality will last for at least half a dozen uses if not more.

Q: How do I find a Local Bike Shop that stocks Purple Harry?

A: There are a number of stockists listed on the website that we supply direct. We also have a distributor; Fisher who can supply the majority of shops in the United Kingdom. The best thing to do is ask your LBS if they can stock it – the more who ask will result in more stockists!

Q: What are the 3 different grades of Floss best used for?

A: This really depends on the type of riding you do and in what season – for example Mountain Bike and Cyclo-Cross riders will benefit from the Large Bristle being used in the cassette to remove grime and a cassette that hasn’t seen any ‘lovin’ at all for some time will probably require a Medium Bristle to agitate stuck on oil and grease. The Fleece option is exceptionally good at removing moisture before lubing and finishing off so for example could be used with a squirt of Maintenance Spray for ‘roadies’ to protect and give a light lube after a rain shower. See our You Tube videos for more advice on this.

Q: How environmentally friendly are Purple Harry products?

A: All Purple Harry liquids are biodegradeable and impart negligible ecotoxicity – surpassing all current EU Legislation. We believe that cyclists are generally doing their bit for the environment by cycling in the first place and where we have tested fully ‘green’ and ‘eco friendly’ products – these basically don’t cut the mark!

Q: What benefit is there in British sourced products in today’s modern market where most of your competitors import from the Far East?

A: We are a young British company and believe that we should source from national suppliers wherever possible – but not at the detriment of quality of course! This viewpoint will assist in the fight against recession and also enables a much more efficient supply chain where the bulk of the cost isn’t in transportation!